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Share...your time, your resources, your ideas...



We invite you to share your time, your resources and invite your friends and family to join in this great work. We invite you our new friends who are not in Haiti to share time in prayer and spreading the word, whether in Canada, the U.S. or elsewhere in the world!


Here's are some options on how:



1. Pray! 


2. Organize a prayer meeting for the specific various works of PCGMissions Haiti with your friends, your churches and communities.


3.Organize a Fundraiser at your school. Show one of our videos and invite a Haitian speaker or Haitian singer to share music during your event.


4. Sponsor our Annual Back-to-School Supplies Drive. (Click on Resources for Guidelines)*


5. Organize a Clothing Drive * at your local elementary schools or community/recreational centers


6. And any other fun way you can think of  to volunteer with PCGMissions Haiti!







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