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Where will be staying?

You’ll be staying in the home(s) of some local church leaders and their families.


Is it safe?

Pont-Sonde is a relatively un-eventful community of hard-working men, women and children. We will be moving in groups and pairs, practicing safety habits much as you would in any city.


Will we have time to sight-see?

Yes, we’ll make sure you have time to get to see various parts of L’Artibonite,  major towns and  a1-2day excursion into Port-au-Prince, the nation’s capital, where you can get beautiful Haitian art and artifacts for  your friends and family back home.


What about hygiene and 7-11’s?

There are definitely no 711’s, Walgreens or Walmarts.  You will need to make sure to bring non-negotiables with you (women)/medication-type/toiletries. Make sure to refer to our Packing Guide in the Prep section of the website.


Can I Drink the Water?

No. Your tummies aren’t used to it. Filtered water will be provided for you at all times.



For more FAQ's please email:

or call 1.647.859.9783



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


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