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The future of a generation and the growth of a       community and of a country depends on the         education of its children. We are thrilled to be   impacting the lives of children in Pont Sondé and area through 3 Elementary Schools and a 1-room high school class.











~what we do~



The back bone of any good educational systems are the teachers. We at PCGM-Haiti are delighted to work with dedicated and passionate teachers. 











​ It is primary that we invest in these live resources. We do so by:


  •  helping to raise their monthly salary support


  • provide teacher training through seminars and workshops

  • place student teachers from other areas in our schools, to work as  interns since  PCGM-Haiti's Teacher Support network goes beyond the 3 schools which we help to administer.







The goat project is one of our income generating programs. Goats are native to Haiti, are hardy and need very little land to live on (in comparison to cows).


 The project on hand is to breed goats, which can be provided to families in the community whereby they can be sold for meat and to provide for their familial needs. Currently we are working to begin the Construction of Pens and Stables for the goats.


One of our income generating program by which adult students who are often head of their household learn a new skill and/or build on their foundational knowledge.


These students gather in Pont-Sondé a with their instructors and together make many of the school uniforms for the PCGM-Haiti schools.


We also provide sewing machines that the students may have access to machines, with which they can use to work on for their own personal and business projects. It is our dream to have a centre where we can train more students and also provide more business opportunities.




As a Christ-centered faith-based organization we have seen and believe that leadership is found and modeled in the person of Jesus-Christ. Leadership influences and impacts whole communities. We bring the two together in our network of nearly 20 rural churches, 30 pastors and lay leaders who  are key to to the growing work and development of PCGM-Haiti partnerships.


The two PCGM churches, in Coussaint (smaller village right outside of Pont-Sonde) and in Haut La Tour founded by Pastor Gesner Ernest and Pastor Lamercie Ernest provides spiritual training and growth


We provide on-going pastoral care, leadership training and  topical forums where community leaders can be cared for, receive training and resources so that they may have longevity and be successful in their area of work.



Fondly referred to as the "Cantine", with the help of dedicated school community volunteer staff, a hot breakfast, lunch and or snack is provided regularly to students at 2 of our 3 schools.


As it is very difficult to focus and study on an empty stomach we would like to roll out these programs to 5 days a week in all PCGM affiliated schools. We are praying this happens soon.

Our students learn with  joy and come from some of the communities where little schooling had been  available. However with the advent of PCGM-Haiti, many of these lives have been changed and dreams are being birthed and coming much closer to 

being realized. 


Our hope is to  have fully places of learning

 which promote educational development

and creativity and to establish a ful- fledged

High school in the area.


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