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Pastor Lamercie (center) pictured here among students at one of the PCGM-Haiti schools, Ecole Primaire Jean-Jacques Dessalines in Pont-Sonde, Haiti



Brossard, Quebec, CANADA

Pont-Sondé, Artibonite, HAITI

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA



PCGMissions Haiti began in 2003 when Pastor Lamercie F. Ernest, a native of  L’Artibonite, Haiti,  felt the call of God to go back to her home-town a little beyond the Saint-Marc area and share the Gospel  by loving her child-hood community where she grew up.  With much prayer, and in partnership with PCGM in Canada, led by her husband, Pastor Gesner Ernest, she started 2 churches, founded 2 elementary schools, initiated breakfast and lunch programs, and an adult literacy work. Pastor Lamercie also began an Annual School Supplies & Distribution drive in addition to working with local church leaders, who were already on the grounds, serving to  provide pastoral care and on-going community leadership training.



What started out as a little mission of  just a handful of committed family members and friends has now grown into 4 schools of more than 200 elementary to high school-aged students, (and counting!), 12 teachers, a network of nearly 20 churches, 30 rural and urban pastors and lay leaders,15 goats in the micro-financing goat-breeding project as well as countless  counseling and pastoral care sessions!  And there is more to be done with near-future goals of starting a medical clinic outlet,and  a much-needed new  high school!



Haïti Chérie.....

Founders of Peoples Church of God Missions-Haiti, (PCGM-H)

Pastor Gesner Ernest (L) & Pastor Lamercie Ernest (R)

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